Champagne tasting tips

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Here are some tips to better enjoy all the attractions of champagne:

Conservation of Champagne:

Champagne keeps cool in an aired cellar at a temperature of about 12 º C. It should be stored horizontally away from the light that could damage the champagne. The champagne bottles must be handled carefully avoiding the move.

Temperature of Champagne

Champagne is drunk chilled but never iced. Champagne must be placed in the fridge at least three hours before serving. For this, the bottom of the refrigerator is ideal. A temperature of 8 º C is recommended for most champagnes not millisimes young and lively. For vintage champagne or rose, a temperature of 10 to 12 º C is more appropriate. If you lack the time, you can put the champagne in a bucket of water and ice, the temperature will be in fifteen or twenty minutes. Avoid freezer that alters the flavor because of its cold too violent.

The champagne glasses

The ideal container for tasting champagne tulip glass. Flared, wide and high, it allows the bubbles to move at will and preserve and restore more flavors than do the cuts to the edges too broad. Failing tulip glasses, you can also use tasting glasses specially designed for wine tasting. We find these glasses in shops specializing in very affordable prices. Whatever type of glasses, they should not be washed in the dishwasher because it leaves traces of product that kills the bubbles of champagne. If it's still the case, it will rewashing glasses with hot water then dry on a rack. The hand wash and hot water is recommended.

Open the champagne:

After removing the bottle from the bucket and having carefully wiped, hold it firmly tilted. Remove the cap and the wire cage and then slowly turn the bottle in his right hand while maintaining a strong cap with his left hand until the gas escapes. It'll just remove the cap!

Champagne Tasting

Take the time to look into your champagne glass by the foot. The different colors for different types: a young champagne pale yellow to white to black and green or gray to white white. The bubbles may be more or less numerous, thin, sharp or diffuse and slow as champagnes. Smell the champagne then turning it gently in your glass which has the effect of releasing its aroma and finally taste it now!

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